You might want to steam or boil asparagus when you want a light, springy addition to salads or when you’re creating a simple side of marinated asparagus.

Any which way you cook your asparagus, you’ll be happy you did! Guaranteed.

Here’s how to do it!


Fill a large pot with one inch of water. Fill a large bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes. Place the pot over high heat. Place the asparagus into a steamer basket. Bring to a boil and cover. Cook for 2-3 minutes, until the asparagus is tender. Remove from heat. Using tongs, immediately transfer the asparagus to the bowl of water. The cold water will help to stop the asparagus from cooking any more.

Remove from water and serve however you like! You can marinate it or give it a light saute in butter or olive oil – a sprinkle of kosher salt and you’re good to go.

#FACTS Originating in the sandy, sometimes salty, soils of the Mediterranean basin, asparagus tolerates salinity better than the majority of common weeds. Modern farmers often rely on chemical herbicides to manage weed growth, the most labor-intensive aspect of asparagus production, but rock salt was the old-fashioned alternative. This doesn’t come highly recommended, however — asparagus may tolerate salt, but adjacent plants won’t. The salt also forms a hydrophobic crust on the soil, leaving the asparagus asking for water.

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