A Sneak Peek At Food Bowl — LA’s Newest, Month long Food Festival

jenjphotolatimesfoodbowl-2443-655x436Behold, Los Angeles will see the city’s largest culinary event to date in May as the Los Angeles Times launches Food Bowl—an annual month-long festival celebrating the local vibrant food scene and raising awareness about combating hunger.

Featuring around 200 events and special programs curated by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold, editor Amy Scattergood and other notable food staff at The Times, there will be rare appearances in the States made by world renowned chefs such as Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana), Fergus Henderson (St. John), Rosio Sánchez (Hija de Sanchez), and Magnus Nilsson (Faviken). Food-bowl-1

Obviously, there will be amazing food. At the Night Market—an outdoor five-night dining fiesta on May 10 to 14—fifty restaurants and food trucks inspired by Jonathan Gold’s City of gold will gather at the Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles, offering food, drinks, and lots of live entertainment.

Anticipating several thousand visitors for this exciting festival, the organizers “Hope that Food Bowl will be the city’s largest and most inclusive food festival to date—celebrating the sprawling creativity and diversity of LA’s cuisines and the world’s best chefs, all the while exploring the realities of our food system and using this opportunity to help those facing hunger or food insecurity,” said Suzy Jack, Vice President of Public Affairs and Events at the Los Angeles Times.

Before tickets go on sale and official announcements become available on April 1, Food Bowl’s Executive Producer Angus Dillon gives an exclusive peek at some of the highlights you’d want to know.


For die-hard foodies, there probably aren’t many better ways to learn about food sustainability than listening to Massimo Bottura—chef behind World’s Best Restaurant Osteria Francescana and founder of the food waste- and hunger-fighting non-profit Food For Soul. In this panel discussion moderated by Evan Kleinman, Bottura will join Jenny Jay—Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA, and Zero Waste Consultant & “Waste Warrior” Amy Hammes in exploring the issue of food waste. Tickets available at or (310) 825-2101.road-to-the-50-best-interview-with-massimo-bottura-osteria-francescana-1000x600


The reality that one-third of the U.S. food production goes to waste while hundreds of millions of people are starving around the world is a sad and serious one. So in this highly anticipated symposium hosted by Gold, five celebrated chefs—Bottura, Mario Batali, Dominique Crenn, Roy Choi and Mary Sue Milliken—will examine how to tackle the critical problems of our existing food system. This event will complete with the screening of Theater of Life—a documentary about Bottura’s famous soup kitchen Refettorio Ambrosiano at the Milan 2015 World’s Fair and how he turned leftover food into meals for the needy.103749167


Guess who will join Bottura, Henderson, Sánchez and Nilsson, and what will be their roles? According to Dillon, some of the chefs you can count on seeing include: Alvin Cailan (Eggslut), Dominique Crenn (Atelier crenn), Genet Agonafer (Meals by Genet), Ludo Lefebvre (Trois Mec), Mary Sue Milliken (Border Grill), Mario Batalli, Michael Cimarusti (Providence), Nancy Silverton (Pizzeria Mozza), Niki Nakayama (n/naka), and Roy Choi (Kogi BBQ). Their roles will be wildly diverse. From planning exclusive, intimate experiences and forming unexpected collaborations to adding a side of art with your food and trying something they’ve never done before—the idea of it is: You’ll be in for a surprise.


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