This Is the World’s First Resealable Craft Beer Can

 Introduced in 2012, the “Crowler” quickly became one of the coolest new innovations in the craft beer world. As the name implies, a Crowler is part can, part growler – a way for (typically small) breweries to offer a to-go version of their beers instantly filled and sealed into a can on the premises, all with one relatively small and affordable device. Unlike growlers, which are usually large glass jugs (commonly in 64-ounce or 32-ounce sizes), Crowlers – which are available as 32-ounce or 25-ounce cans – are lighter and more portable. They’re also disposable (although the can’s designer prefers the word “recyclable”), meaning beer lovers don’t have to remember to lug their onerous growlers to the brewery in the hope of saving on a deposit fee. Still, 32-ounces is a decent amount of beer: That was one advantage to traditional growlers – unlike a pop-top can, these jugs could be re-capped for later use. But now, the makers of the Crowler are touting their latest innovation: a resealable Crowler can.

“The Resealable CROWLER Can is simple to open and reclose with just a quarter turn,” Oskar Blues Brewery, which helped develop the Crowler along with major canning company Ball Corporation, announced yesterday. Dayton Systems Group, the food and beverage innovator that created the original “Cap Can,” was brought in to nail down the resealable technology and DSG’s managing directo Dick Glennon added this on how the technology works: “The DSG cap contains an oxygen scavenger to help maintain beer’s freshness, something we know is of premium importance to craft brewers and beer drinkers.” In theory, an oxygen scavenger can help reduce the amount of oxygen in the can after it’s been opened and resealed which should help keep the beer inside from going bad. That said, in its press release, Oskar Blues didn’t speculate on just how long a Resealable Crowler should be good for after its been opened. Still, it’s doubtful a resealed Crowler would be any worse than a resealed growler once either has been opened.

Plus, the advantages of a resealable can go beyond simply storing it in your fridge to finish at a later date. Sometimes being stuck with an open can just sucks; and being stuck with an open 32-ounce can sucks nearly three times as much. With a Resealable Crowler, you can start the beer at home and then toss it in a bag to finish at a friend’s house. You can enjoy it during multiple stops on a long hike. You can make sure it doesn’t spill when you hit choppy waters on your yacht. No matter how excessively rich you are, a Resealable Crowler can have its advantage. It seems like this small innovation could be another big winner.

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