Lose the booze to revitalize your relationship

Most advice about how to revitalize your relationship focuses on what you can add to your relationships to improve them.

Spend more time together. Communicate more. Do kind deeds for eachother. Be more romantic.

But there’s one more amazing way to revitalize your relationship though, and this involves eliminating something: Cutting alcohol out of your relationships could be the most invigorating change you ever make.

Alcohol can be a real relationship downer. I’ve never heard someone say that alcohol saved their marriage. Many times, alcohol is behind most of the issues in a relationship.

Here are a few ways alcohol can cause a negative effect on your relationship.

Alcohol increases aggression


Studies have shown that alcohol increases aggressive behavior — in drinkers and even non-drinkers.

Drinking alcohol makes you more likely to start arguments, get into fights and even be emotionally or physically abusive towards loved ones. It can turn into a vicious cycle — especially if what you’re arguing about is your drinking. Many couples find that eliminating alcohol instantly improves relations and reduces conflicts.

Alcohol increases risky sexual behavior

There’s probably no greater relationship killer than infidelity. Drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions and causes you to have poor judgment skills, making you more likely to make poor and risky choices.

This can lead to cheating on a partner, having unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancy, STIs and a huge breakdown in trust within a relationship. Hearing “I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing!” is little comfort to a grief-stricken partner.

Alcohol lowers your sexual performance

The only people who think drunk sex is good sex are the drinkers. If you’ve ever had sober sex with someone who was drinking you were probably left sorely disappointed.

Alcohol isn’t an aphrodisiac. It actually lowers your libido and your stamina. Alcohol can cause impotence and can even lead to infertility. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it can be a source of conflict when partner’s needs aren’t being met.

Sober sex tends to be better sex. You’re engaged, you’re responsive and in touch with your body and your partner’s body. Alcohol actually causes you to feel less and lose sensation — you can imagine what that does to your sexual responses. Once you’ve had sober sex with your partner you’ll never want to have drunk sex again.

Alcohol causes questionable behavior

How often have you really and truly embarrassed yourself or your family when alcohol-free? Now compare that to the times you’ve been drinking.

Alcohol leads to poor judgement and you’ll find yourself saying or doing things that are out of character. It’s not often we wake up from an alcohol-free night thinking “I wish I hadn’t said or done that.”

Nor do we find our spouse upset with us for something we have no recollection of doing. Revitalizing your relationship by eliminating alcohol means you’re in control of your actions and behaviors. No longer are others leery of including you because of the scene you might cause after one too many drinks.

You and your partner will actually find yourselves having more fun than ever before by eliminating alcohol.

You’ll be able to have deep, meaningful conversations that you remember the next day. Your jokes are truly funny — and not just to yourself. You have energy to try new things and the money to go out on dates.

Revitalizing your relationship is about trying new things and cutting out the things that aren’t working. So ditch the night on the town for a night at a trampoline park or painting night instead and see what fun can be had!

Annie Grace is the author of “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life.” Learn more at: Connect with Annie on and

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