Chipotle Just Raised Its Prices in Hundreds of Restaurants

The price of your burrito just went up at 440 Chipotles around the country.

People are already paying more for their burritos since Chipotle has raised its prices in hundreds of restaurants.

The changes took effect in approximately 440 Chipotle locations, which accounts for about 20% of their restaurants, Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold said. The chain has over 2,200 locations altogether.

“We had already been on record saying that we were considering raising prices in select markets, and now we have implemented that increase,” Arnold said.

Arnold said prices increased by about 5% in those restaurants and that the increase will help “offset wage and food inflation.”

Earlier this year, Chipotle said its profits were reduced due to an increase in avocado costs, which is the key ingredient in guacamole. On top of that, sales have fallen since the company faced an E. Coli break at the end of 2015.

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