In Boston, Barbara Lynch is up there with Nomar and Pedro. Except where Nomar and Pedro left, Barbara stayed, and her influence still reaches over the city’s restaurantscape, from fine dining powerhouse Menton to a modern diner Sportello. No. 9 Park is classic Lynch. Not much has changed in the more than 15 years since she opened the elegant, understated restaurant on the park.



The service is still flawless. The gnocchi stuffed with prunes and adorned with butter and foie gras is still indulgent.


The restaurant feels as much of a landmark as the Common and the State House, which it overlooks. At a place like this, one couple’s saved-up-for festive-occasion meal is another group of suits’ weekly dinner, but one of the things you’re buying into at No. 9 Park is exactly this range—and that’s what’s special.

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