An Epic Once-in-A-Lifetime Dinner Is Coming to Los Angeles

Two superlative fine-dining chefs—one an American virtuoso of sustainable seafood, the other an Italian mastermind who revolutionized Modenese cuisine—are joining forces for the first time to prepare an exclusive dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The one-night event will bring Massimo Bottura of the acclaimed Osteria Francescana to Michael Cimarusti’s beloved Hollywood restaurant, Providence, where the two chefs—who together hold a combined five Michelin stars—will showcase their respective culinary talents and unique perspectives in an unforgettable nine-course meal.


Limited to just 50 diners, the intimate affair will marry Cimarusti’s elegant, signature seafood-centric creations, all of which focus on sustainability and seasonality, with a selection of Bottura’s artful specialties, whimsical titles and all. “Beautiful, psychedelic, spin-painted veal, not flamed grilled” is one such featured dish, which takes visual inspiration from the spin-painted works of artist Damien Hirst and spotlights a milk-marinated beef filet (picture). Bottura—whose Modena, Italy, restaurant is currently ranked at number two on the World’s 50 Best list—will also serve “The crunchy part of the lasagna,” a deconstruction of the classic Italian staple, and “Autumn in New York in the springtime,” a vegetarian tribute to two NYC icons: Union Square Greenmarket and Billie Holiday’s cover of the jazz standard. Also making a cameo is his deconstructed “Oops! I dropped the lemon tart” dessert, the anarchic composition of which celebrates the beauty of imperfection, combining lemon zabaglione, verbena sorbet, candied bergamot, capers, oregano, hot pepper oil, and broken pie crust.


The world-class meal will also include a few surprise amuse bouches prepared by the chefs, and wine pairings throughout. A limited number of spots remain, and pricing for the available seats is available upon request

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