The Narwhal Frappuccino Is Here and It Tastes Like Pink Starburst

The Unicorn, the Dragon, the Mermaid and now this…who can keep up with the Frappuccinos?

Well, everyone knows the pink Starburst is the best Starburst, so it’s not surprising a Starbucks barista would invent a frap that tastes just like one. The blended concoction, whose popularity is increasing, is the brainchild of Jócelyn Freeman, who is from Michigan. She posted on her Facebook page two weeks ago a photo of the drink, named after a whale.

“When everyone in the world wants a unicorn Frappuccino, and you have to be the one to ruin their day… you come up with something else!” she wrote. “Strawberry blended lemonade with vanilla bean powder and whipped cream. It tastes EXACTLY like a pink starburst!!! We are calling it the narwhal!!”


Last month, Starbucks unveiled a new official pink and blue drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino, made of Starbucks’ Creme Frappuccino base and mango syrup and topped with whipped cream sprinkled with pink and blue sugar dust.

The beverage sparked renewed customer interest in “secret” off-the-menu fraps, following concoctions that like ice cream, aimed to reproduce flavors of other sweet treats, such as the Red Velvet Frappuccino and the Cap’n Crunch Frappuccino from a few years ago.

In recent weeks, teams of baristas at a few Starbucks stores have created their own specialized Frappuccinos. Jócelyn’s crew also came up with the Mermaid Frappucino, while a fan altered the Unicorn to create the Dragon Frappuccino.


“Oh, I wish I was dead,” Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show. “Tastes like I just French kissed Tinkerbell.”

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