Shake Shack to release first-ever cookbook with recipes for signature burgers, fries, shakes

ShackBurger. Crinkle-cut fries. Frozen custard.

Mouth watering yet?

Fans of Shake Shack can now make the eatery’s signature menu items in the comforts of their own home, thanks to the company’s first-ever cookbook, “Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories,” which will be released Tuesday, May 16.

Inside will be 70 recipes and 200 photos. Each chapter focuses on a main menu item, like burgers, fries, shakes and hot dogs. Besides the signature items, Shake Shack will also share recipes for items unique to specific locations.

As for the “Stories” side of the book, “CEO Randy Garutti and culinary director Mark Rosati offer an insider peek into what has made Shake Shack so special, the people, the places and the business lessons learned along the way,” according to a press release.


Organized by menu item, each major category — burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, concretes — gets its own “Anatomy” section. This is where some of Shake Shack’s secrets are revealed, such as hints about the Pat LaFrieda burger blend, the brand of chocolate sprinkles used in chocolate concretes, and the type of salt that seasons those crinkle cut fries.

When asked if they make Shake Shack recipes at home, Garutti says he’s “a grill burger guy” and prefers to go to a Shack for his griddle top fix. But Rosati says, “I do actually. These days my idea is just using great meat, a great bun, and cooking it properly. In terms of the toppings and what I put on there, I leave it up to [my guests]. I just like to put ton a different stuff on my table, different sauces, condiments, and let them build their burger. I want everyone to have fun with it.”


Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories will be released on May 16 and is available for pre-order now

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