Another Oreo Flavor Has Arrived—And It Actually Sounds Out-Of-This-World Good

It’s been one wacky flavor after another this year, and frankly, we can’t keep up. There was the “Fireworks Oreos” with popping candy inside. (Our team’s consensus? The explosive taste was somewhere between “utterly delightful”and “no…no.”) There was the coconut flavor and the salted caramel one, too. Most recently, we were tantalized by the new Waffles & Syrup flavor.

Phew. How do you guys even come up with this stuff so quickly?


As far as crazy flavors go, this latest one actually—gasp!—makes sense. It’s called the Mud Pie Oreo, and from the looks of it, it’s basically just chocolate and whipped cream “creme” sandwiched between two regular Oreos.

Where’d we learn all this, you ask? As usual, our Oreo news comes to us from an amateur snacking detective, who recently found the Mud Pie Oreos in their local Dollar General store. Luckily for all of us, he (or she?) quickly uploaded a photo to Instagram in order to prove that the chocolate pie cookies do, in fact, exist.

There’s also some information offered about where exactly one can find these cookies, should they have room after that last box of Waffles & Syrup.


“Surprise, surprise, surprise! The third new Oreo invading our lives this week is the Mississippi Mud Pie Oreo, exclusive to Dollar General stores,” the user in question, junkbanter, captioned their photo of the elusive treat, before going on to add: “I need a salad.”

The photo on the box shows a giant slice of decadent-looking pie alongside the word “Limited Edition” and a banner reading “With Chocolate & Whipped Cream Flavor Creme.”

That’s a lot of cream. Anyway, if the folks over at Oreo don’t stop churning out these weird-but-awesome flavors, we will surely all need a salad.

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