Trump Gets Two Scoops of Ice Cream While Everyone Else Gets One

Before he moved to Washington, Donald Trump loved to eat fast food and well doned steaks and burgers at high-end restaurants. Now that he’s President of the United States, Trump has to eat most of his meals at the White House, but thankfully for Donald, the kitchen indulges him a bit by serving extra portions of his favorite sweets and creamy condiments.

The POTUS invited three Time reporters to spend a day at the White House on Monday, May 8, which culminated in a candlelit dinner in the Blue Room. The mag’s correspondents note that Trump was served what appeared to be Thousand Island dressing during the salad course while everyone else got a vinaigrette, and during the entree portion, the president received “an extra dish of sauce” with his chicken. Waiters brought Trump a Diet Coke while everyone else was offered water, and for dessert, he received a slice of chocolate pie with a double scoop of vanilla ice cream, while the rest of the guests only got one scoop.

The Time article notes that the new POTUS has made a few tweaks to the White House since moving in back in January: In addition to adding some TIVO-equipped televisions in various corners of the mansion, he also ordered that his dining room be gutted, which lead to an unexpected surprise. “We found gold behind the walls, which I always knew,” Trump explains.

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