They’re Back: Mac N’ Cheetos Returning to Burger King For A Limited Time

If you missed the opportunity to eat sticks of mac n’ cheese deep fried in orange Cheetos dust at Burger King last year, you’re in luck.

The fast-food chain is bringing back its“Mac n’ Cheetos” for a limited time at participating restaurants starting May 18. The Burger King-Cheetos mash-up was first introduced in June 2016 when the product sold out after just a few weeks.


The gooey sticks that resemble Cheetos Puffs are filled with cheese-covered macaroni topped with Cheeto flavoring. The sticks have been compared to fried mac-and-cheese balls.

Alex Macedo, president for Burger King inNorth America, called the Mac n’ Cheetos a “triple threat” for combining Burger King, Cheetos and mac and cheese. The snack has been brought to “satisfy guests’ cravings,” he said in a statement.

The portable box of gooey sticks comes with five pieces cost $2.69 at participating restaurants.

And even though the Mac n’ Cheetos were no longer available at Burger King, the convenience store Sheetz sold the gooey creations at stores around the country last fall.

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