What are cloud eggs? The latest food trend flooding your Instagram feed.

A new way of preparing eggs is taking the internet by storm.

Cloud eggs are the latest food craze — and they’re putting boring old poached, fried and scrambled into the shade.

This artistic breakfast fad involves a fluffy, cloud-like egg white, with the yolk served in the middle.

The dish has also become popular with health fanatics, as it only counts as approximately 161 calories.

To make the Instagram-worthy dish, you begin by separating the yolks and then whipping the whites into a thick and fluffy consistency.


If you want, you can also fold ingredients such as bacon or cheese into the mix.


You then place small piles of the egg white mix on to a baking sheet and into the oven for between five and eight minutes — removing then just before they start to brown.

Once out of the oven, you add the yolk into the middle of each pile before baking for a further three minutes.

When cooked, the eggs should look like clouds with a sunny center.

Egg lovers have taken to trying the dish in their droves — with many Instagram users branding the eggs as “amazing.”

However, some naysayers aren’t convinced, and have likened the cloud eggs to “savoury meringues.”

So, after recently learning that we’ve all been making scrambled eggs wrong, and how to tell if an egg has gone bad without breaking it, we think we just might be ready to try this latest craze.

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