Trader Joe’s launches ‘Teeny Tiny Avocados’

Holy guacamole, these are adorable!

Trader Joe’s is now selling bags of “Teeny Tiny Avocados” that prove small foods are more than just a fad – they’re a practical way of reducing waste and pure marketing gold. They come six to a bag and, as one Instagram user noted, are about the size of a lime.


Their size ensures that, whether you’re cubing up pieces for a salad, adding slices to a sandwich or baking with eggs, these “personal, single-serve, ‘where have you been all my life’-sized Hass Avocados” will not end up halved, plastic wrapped and tossed in the fridge to rot.

Small avocados sold in bunches aren’t exactly a revolutionary thing, some grocery stores have done this before; albeit without the brilliantly delightful marketing strategy Trader Joe’s is wielding via their new product’s name.

Joe’s self-satisfyingly calls them “a dream come true for true avocado aficionados,” and is selling each bag for $2.69 in Texas and along the West Coast and $2.99 everywhere else. These prices seem like the miniatures are immune to the recent uptick in the berry’s price and may, then, be a better value.

Here’s hoping these are just too cute and too affordable to set off another millionaire’s avocado angst.

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