Anthony Bourdain Spills Details on His 2019 Food Market

Back in 2015, Anthony Bourdain announced his plans to open up a international food market in New York City that would feature some of his favorite foods from vendors around the world. While it’s not set to open until 2019, Bourdain gave fans insight on what Bourdain Market will look like at the World Street Food Congress in Manila this week, Eater reports.

For starters, it won’t sell “bullsh*t,” Bourdain said. He mentioned foods like “char kway teow”—a noodle dish that translates to “stir-fried ricecake strips”—and lechon, a pig dish served mainly in Spain. His barometer for foods is not whether there’s a market for it in New York yet, but if “a Singaporean grandmother and her hipster grandson come to this market, that both of them will immediately recognize this to not be bullshit.”


The market will be located at Pier 57 on the Hudson River, and the vibe will be “controlled chaos.” Bourdain wants there to be open flames, strong smells, and lots of old-school dishes for visitors to try.

He also wants the food to be affordable—at the event, he said he hopes a New York janitor could come and get lunch there for the same price he would otherwise spend. To do this, Bourdain is thinking of ways to subsidize vendors to help keep their prices low. He also made a point to note he doesn’t want to steal food hawkers from their home countries, but rather give them an opportunity to have a second store in New York.

At a wild 155,000-square-feet, Bourdain Market aims to be a place people can come eat, hang out, and relax, much like the outdoor night markets popular across Asia. There have been a few bumps in the road since the market was announced, including losing the initial CEO and a push from a 2017 opening to 2019, but Bourdain seems confident the space will come to fruition. When it does, you can be sure “Parts Unknown” fans (and just about every other foodie in New York) will be there.

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