These Rolled Ice Cream Tacos Are Dessert Masterpieces

Inspired by the unique flavor combinations that you’d find in a boba tea shop, Sweet Cup ice cream shop owner Kenny Tran brought that creativity into creating Los Angeles’ fastest rising dessert trend: rolled ice cream tacos.

Based on his knowledge of making boba, Tran started innovating the already huge craze of rolled ice cream in Garden Grove, California. As with all great summer treats, Orange County is where it all begins.

While rolled ice cream can be enjoyed any day of the week, Sweet Cup has been serving its particular rolled ice cream tacos only on, when else, Taco Tuesday.


Believe us, they are worth the weekly wait.

Tran infuses each taco-vention with interesting and exciting flavor combinations like strawberry shortcake and s’mores, but also super trendy flavors like matcha and a luxe coconut charcoal taco with edible gold.

And yes, unicorn lovers can also savor a rainbow flavored taco aptly named “Rainbow Road.” It has sour straws and sprinkles and the fact that it sounds like it’s from “My Little Pony” only makes it all the better.


Sweet Cup’s tacos are not only delicious-sounding, they’re also highly Instagrammable. You might even want to skip dinner just to try one.

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