Don’t panic, but there are bugs in your food

Here’s a fun fact, you may be eating bugs right now.

Yes, it’s a horrifying thought… for most of us.

But the fact of the matter is, it’s too late! Many of our favorite foods contain bug parts.

Even the FDA has a limit on a number of allowable insects or insect fragments in our food, calling them “unavoidable defects in food.”

Brace yourself, Here is a list of the most buggy foods.

Insect control company Terro has found coffee beans, have the most insect fragments.

On average we consume just over 136,000 bug bites per year just from drinking that wonderfully bitter elixir!

Second place goes to wheat flour, with nearly 92,000 bug parts, and noodle products come in third with just over 7,000 crunchy bits.

The rest of the list is equally depressing, broccoli has been found to contain whole bugs!

But think on the positive side of things, you’re not paying any extra for that added protein!

Also, let’s be real, it’s not like you’ve ever tasted the stray wing in your cup of joe.

But for all our bug-eating, maybe it should be added to the food pyramid, there is some good news.

That old wives’ tale about spiders climbing into your mouth while you sleep? That’s still just a myth.

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