Gordon Ramsay’s Food Tastes So Good It Made This Chef Cry

We’ve long been using Gordon Ramsay’s original recipes to wow our dinner guest and our own taste buds. We’ve also always paid close attention to the Michelin-starred chef’s cooking tips that he shares on his many show and on social media — our burger patties have never been the same since we took his suggestion of adding butter to them as they cook. When we follow Ramsay’s lead in the kitchen, things almost always pan out, and yet, apparently we’re still really missing out by never having had the opportunity to try food prepared by the chef himself. This fact became quite clear when, thanks to FoodBeast, we came across a Hotel Hell clip recently shared on Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel. The clip shows the head chef at The Keating Hotel in San Diego break down in tears upon trying Chef Ramsay’s food. Yep, apparently, he’s that good.
Another video shared on Gordon’s official YouTube channel shows that the hotel’s executive chef, Brian Rutherford, is in a bad way at the beginning of this Hotel Hell episode. The hotel’s owner is overbearing and doesn’t allow the chef to have control over his own kitchen and menu. Because of that, Rutherford says in one of his floating head interviews, “This position is killing me in my soul.” He doesn’t even cook in his own kitchen anymore. The chef’s situation is so bad in fact, he actually collapses while talking to Ramsay about his job.
Chef Rutherford’s histrionics continue throughout the show, and he gets especially emotional when Gordon Ramsay finally joins him in the kitchen to help overhaul the hotel’s menu. During this scene (which starts at 3:39 in the YouTube clip below), Ramsay says, “For the hotel to have a fighting chance of turning a profit, I’ve got to find a way to reignite Chef Brian’s love of cooking.” And, it doesn’t take long for Ramsay to do just that. The hotel’s chef gets so excited when he sees Gordon in action, he begins to dance around. And then, the tears come. Upon tasting Gordon Ramsay’s seared scallops, this chef begins to cry. We may not be able to try Gordon’s cooking, but we definitely need to at least get our hands on that scallop recipe.

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