Cotton Candy Grapes, bred by Grapery, are sweeping the nation

It sounds like a circus snack experiment gone wrong.

But Cotton Candy Grapes are an actual fruit — and taste strangely similar to the sickeningly sweet carnival treat.

The oddly-flavored fruits were created by Grapery, a California-based table grape grower several years back, but they recently starting sweeping the East Coast.

They’re only in season from Aug. 10 through Sept. 20, so fans go wild when they’re available — or are sold out at their local markets.

“Could everybody stop buying cotton candy grapes so that I can get some,” a Twitter user who goes by Diamond Allen wrote.

Another, @JoshySinger, complained: “I wanna try cotton candy grapes so bad but i can never find em.”

Indeed, their season is short and their demand is high, so if these sweet little treats sound appealing to you, you’d better pick some up if you spot them before they’re gone.

“They sell out quickly, shorter than a couple of days after they come in,” an employee at an Upper East Side Whole Foods tells the Daily News. At the health-food retailer, the grapes go for $4.99 a pound.

And it’s no secret why they quickly disappear. Though these green grapes look like the ones that typically line your grocer’s produce shelves, Cotton Candy Grapes really do taste and smell like the spun sugar-on-a-stick indulgence found at ballparks and fairs throughout America — especially on the first bite.

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