A good excuse to eat more cheese — it might be a superfood

Researchers in South Korea have found that Swiss cheese might be healthier than other cheeses. In fact, it might even be a superfood.

According to, scientists discovered a specific probiotic in the cheese called propionibacterium freudenreichii (expialidocious). But what exactly does it do? “This healthy bacteria nourishes and protects cells of the gut and intestinal from many of the damages caused by today’s diet,” Dr. Brunilda Nazario, Lead Medical Director at WebMD, explained to TODAY Food. “It helps protect against damaging inflammation in the digestive system that leads to leaky gut.”

Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it can also help decrease the body’s cellular aging process. Nazario likened it to how sunscreen protects our skin against the aging effects of excess sun. Propionibacterium prevents dangerous chemicals in our diet from gaining access to the body that contribute to many chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Other health benefits of cheese include calcium, zinc, Vitamin At, riboflavin and vitamin B12, she points out. “Cheese in general contains a high concentration of essential nutrients, or those nutrients that your body cannot make.”

With the exciting development about the propionibacterium bacteria, this delicious food will likely be more enticing for the health-conscious consumer. Soon, Swiss cheese might officially join the ranks of other anti-inflammatory superfoods such as kale and blueberries.

“There’s is no standard industry definition to a ‘superfood,’” Nazario said. “However, if a food can provide positive benefits to health and can help reverse the stress of toxic diets, I would consider it a superfood.”

The bottom line? Swiss cheese is already amazing, and now with this newly-known benefit, we can feel a little less guilty about snacking on it. Bring on the cheese board!

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