McDonald’s Is Giving Away a Jewel-Encrusted Burger Box

Usually, McDonald’s burgers are decadent in the “Oh my gosh, that’s way more food than anybody needs for just one meal” way (remember the Bigger Mac?), not in a gaudy, Palace of Versailles kind of way. However, to promote McDonald’s U.K.’s new Signature Collection, aptly-named high-end fashion designer Julien Macdonald has created a lavishly studded, crystal-encrusted, and lace-covered burger box inspired by red carpet gowns. It’s so posh that you may even want to eat the burger with a knife and fork.

Julien Macdonald’s original box design, which is being showcased at restaurant locations around Britain, has been reproduced in paper-and-rhinestone form as 1,000 McDonald’s burger boxes which can be won in a regional contests: one for the launch event in Exeter, one for Swansea, one for Bath, and one for Coventry, all of which are set to be announced in local newspapers. Future contests will also give away Julien Macdonald boxes at the launch events in Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh, and Newcastle.

What burger does McDonald’s consider fit for this extravagant box? The Signature Collection includes three different burgers, all of which feature thicker, U.K.- and Ireland-sourced beef patties. There’s the Classic with beechwood-smoked bacon and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun, the BBQ, which includes barbecue sauce and coleslaw and lastly, the Spicy, which includes jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. The Signature Burgers are being promoted by the brand as “Luxury. In a bun.”

Apparently, Macdonald is pretty enthusiastic about the similarly-named fast food chain. According to the Express, the designer had this to say at the launch event earlier this month: “I’m a huge fan of McDonald’s, my mum goes once a week, it’s like her weekly treat, and I went as a little boy. It’s very accessible to people and I like that about it.” And thanks to this contest, for 1,000 lucky U.K. residents, a bespoke burger box from a well-known designer just became accessible, too.

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