Tom Colicchio Shares His Perfect Method for ‘Really, Really Light and Fluffy’ Scrambled Eggs

There are so many different ideas out there about how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs: On Food & Wine, we once recommended using this Tovolo spatula if you want your scrambled eggs to be fluffy. Pouring a little cava in the mix can give your eggs a lighter texture. Gordon Ramsay thinks you should add crème fraiche to your recipe. Now Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio has is own version of the perfect scrambled eggs recipe you should probably try out for yourself.

In an interview with Business Insider, Colicchio says that the ideal eggs are “soft but cooked through and I think you accomplish that by gently whisking the eggs or using a fork to get some air into it.”

He says that you should pre-heat your pan with a “decent amount of butter, melted.” Then, “when you put the eggs into the pan, just keep scrambling them,” using a fork.

He warns that most amateur cooks don’t know how to regulate the heat on the stove, explaining that people sometimes leave the heat turned all the way up, which eventually burns whatever you’re cooking. To stop your eggs from burning, Colicchio recommends “turning the heat down or just moving [the pan] off the heat and moving it back and forth.”

Next, he explains the proper tools to use while cooking eggs: When they first hit the pan, the eggs should be scrambled using a fork, however, “once the eggs start to come together, get rid of the fork and use a spatula.”

He also has some advice for those advanced scrambled eggs-makers who want to step up their breakfast game with what he calls “creamy scrambles.” To make this version of scrambled eggs, you must first whisk your eggs in a bowl, then pour the mixture into a pot, not a pan. Colicchio says to “constantly whisk it, just keep whisking it, almost like you’re making hollandaise.” Once the eggs start to cook, bring out the spatula again and fold the eggs. The result? A batch of “really, really light and fluffy” eggs that will impress your whole family.

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