Applebee’s Announces $1 Margaritas All Month Long

October is traditionally known as month filled with chills, thrills and pumpkin spice lattes, but it’s about to be to known as the 31 days in which a thirsty (and frugal) bar patron can grab a $1 margarita, known fondly as the Dollarita, at Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar. Talk about a well-priced night on the town!

Sad, but true, the Dollarita is available for a limited-time only, as it’s only here for Applebee’s Neighborhood Appreciation Month celebration, which, as expected, only lasts for one month.

The short-lived Dollarita, which is served on the rocks, is available from open to close at participating Applebee’s restaurants every day in October. Who doesn’t want an 11 a.m. $1 marg? A party pooper, that’s who!

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