Jamie Oliver’s Car Has The Coolest On-The-Go Kitchen

When celebrity chef Jamie Oliver got the chance to trick out an SUV with as many kitchen tools as he could dream up, he didn’t hold back. Oliver worked with Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team to make what is most likely the coolest car any food-lover could have, and as he put it on Good Morning Britain, “Camping will never be the same.”

The car has a ton of awesome features, but the coolest is probably the toaster, conveniently located between the driver and passenger seat next to the gear stick. Imagine how much better road trip Pop-Tarts would be if you could warm them up! If you’re more of a toast and jelly kind of person, there’s jam storage behind the climate controls up front, naturally.

The car is tricked out from front to back. Under the hood, there’s a slow cooker and a spit roast that pulls out. The wheels can act as ice cream makers and butter churners, and an entire kitchen counter pulls out of the trunk, complete with a sink and plenty of prep space.

In the same area, there is a pull-out knife drawer and a spice rack, not too far from the herb gardens hanging out of the rear windows.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s a full-on olive-oil dispenser that comes down from the trunk, because you can never have enough EVOO. Amazingly, Oliver, his wife, and their five kids can all fit in the car, even with all its bells and whistles.

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