Denver’s New Whole Foods Will Have a Mac n’ Cheese Bar and a Poke Bar

Denver is about to give us all serious Whole Foods envy. Coming this November, a new Whole Foods in Denver’s Union Station will have, among other things, a 100-pound tower of cheese a poke bar, and a mac and cheese bar. We’re both super jealous of Denver and excited about the precedent this sets for other Whole Foods (Whole Foodses?) in the future.

According to the Denver Post the mac and cheese bar will include “pulled pork BBQ mac and cheese, roasted tomato mac and cheese and vegan mac and cheese. There’ll be a good old-fashioned basic mac too.” Amusingly, they weren’t nearly as excited about the poke bar, because, as they put it, “Yes, it has a poke bar, too. But can we please just gloss over that? I’m so sick of writing about poke and there are approximately 180 new poke restaurants where you can get your fill.”

A bunch of Denver’s restaurants and food vendors will also be getting outposts in this whopping 50,000-foot Whole Foods, thanks to the “Friends of Whole Foods” initiative, where Whole Foods partners with local small businesses. According to Denver’s, friends will include Denver’s Tel Aviv Street Food, which sells foods like shawarma and falafel, Birdcall, which sells fried chicken in a seamless, automat-like fashion, and Kikka Sushi, which sells noodle and rice bowls.

This Whole Foods will definitely beat the usual train station fare, a cellophane-wrapped sandwich and a cup of burnt coffee. Thankfully, though, this is part of a larger trend of train stations upping their game food-wise. We’re hoping that soon train stations all over the country will be replacing their super dubious deli counters with local butcher outposts and replacing their freezer burnt cupcakes with adorable little patisseries. In the meantime, Denver’s Union Station Whole Foods will open on November 15th at 1701 Wewatta Street, so that’s a start.

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